Trachimbrod - Leda

Trachimbrod - Leda

I can't put into words how happy I'm having this album in store listed under "releases". Trachimbrod are one of my favorite bands and honestly I was little worried about how is new album going to sound like, worried if it's going to be at least as good as their previous album "A Collection of Hidden Sketches". But after first released song I realized, these guys from Sweden just cannot disappoint you in any way! Now I'm proud owner of whole album before release date and it's the only thing I am listening to whole week and probably album I am going to listen to every day for a very long time. Every single song is a huge adventure of emotions. If you are lucky enough you can catch this band playing live together with Nionde Plågan on tour in April and later in May on Miss The Stars Fest. On their shows during tour you can also buy very limited Green Glitter tape limited to 30.

1. Rum Utan Fönster  -  04:36
2. Allt är som det alltid var - 04:05
3. Tärd  -  03:20
4. Begränsad  -  03:56
5. Medskyldighet  -  01:42
6. Ett Annat Liv  -  03:04 
7. Vi Två  -  02:12
8. Hjärnspöke  -  03:48
9. Saker De Säger  -  04:34

Pressing info:
30 - Glitter Green (designed for european tour but ended up being available only at MTS festival) LAST 5 COPIES LEFT!
70 - Pistachio Green