Hi, I am Adam and I run this one man cassettes only label originally based in Austria, currently based in Germany (and yes this is very Twin Peaks inspired) My very deep motto is "DIY FROM A TILL Y, FOR NOW". If you don't get it, well, I try to do everything alone, everything from transferring music on cassettes, printing artwork and labels, hand numbering, packaging, screen printing, mastering and everything involved in process of releasing tapes, that's why DIY, maybe thats enough for you but there are some things I can't do on my own and thats for what that " till Y, for now" stands for. I am still ordering tapes itself and cassette cases but one day and main goal is once being able to make those on my own. How cool would that be right?! At the end, this is nothing special apart from others amazing cassette labels, and I am just another fish in the ocean but I truly appreciate everyone who will support me and all bands I will release tapes for in the future because they deserve that!


Shipping and Packaging
Because of my moving situation to Germany, my shipping policies have changed and now I am able to ship packages on weekly basis however, always pay attention if the product isn't up only for pre-orders! I am packing cassettes into safe bubble wrap inside of a letter envelope. If you are ordering up to 3 cassettes, I am packaging cassettes into small cardboard box I made myself. So all orders are completely secured and there shouldn't be any damage done! If your order looks like packed by 5 year old, it might be because the package is recycled from previous orders I made or it's just because I am simply - clumsy!

Yes, I am taking submissions but please keep in mind, this is not my job (not even close) which means that all my free time I can spend on doing releases is very limited. Most of the bands that I am doing cassettes for have been contacted by me, however, I would love to listen to your band and I am beyond happy that you would like me to releases cassettes for you. Just send an email to damnfinetapes@europe.com
Any questions?: damnfinetapes@europe.com